Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nine in seven

This is media day or I should say this is a subject that is getting more and more media coverage in our little 100,000 resident town. This week we gathered for the 9th time in 7 months to offer a prayer service to reclaim the site of a homicide for nonviolence. About 100 people gathered on a corner of a poor residential neighborhood where a 25-year-old young man was shot to death three weeks ago.

A growing number of clergymen are joining us I've noticed, which is a very good thing. This time, too, there were many neighbors and local teenagers that stayed around for it. Many were known by our sisters who work in some of the downtown ministries.

Our local media is giving lots of coverage to the whole story, including these at-the-site public prayer services. The entire city is dismayed at the increasing gun deaths of the past couple of years.

Media coverage by our local newspaper includes a short (40 second) video clip.

A local TV station's coverage from their nightly news is online here. The antenna in the photo below actually brought a live feed of the prayer to their 5:00 o'clock news program.