Monday, October 1, 2012

October gave a party

Early on in my years in community, Sister Mary would recite a poem from her childhood, "October gave a party, all the leaves by hundreds came" every year when October came around. I thought it was a little corny at the time but now I remember it with affection and pray to her for yet another beautiful fall in Erie. Here are some scenes from this weekend that seem to be leading it in that direction.

One limb of a maple tree on our Glinodo property that is beautiful, all by itself.

Our rafter of turkey and herd of deer are everywhere these mornings and evenings.
Here is one in the yard right beside our entrance.

Many bushes are loaded down with berries.
The animal and bird kind, not for human consumption.

Here's a concert at North East's annual Grape and Wine Festival this weekend.
Tennessee Back Porch---our favorite local group.

A more sophisticated camera would be needed to capture the beauty of the moon
shining on Lake Chautauqua. It was stunning.