Monday, October 29, 2012

What a great weekend

What a great weekend we had! Over 100 of our 280 oblates came "home" for the weekend to renew their annual commitment and to be present when 21 men and women began their commitment as oblates of Mount St. Benedict Monastery.

Many of the 21 have been with us at Sunday liturgies or are members of a sister's family or connected in some other capacity. It's always such a surprise that they are just becoming an seems as if they've been one for years!

We all enjoyed our Saturday speaker, Sr. Toni Nash, CSJ, a student of Brian Swimme's and a religious cosmologist, as she describes herself. With presentations over the last six months by Toni, Gail Worcelo and Ilea Delio we've received a terrific introduction to the new cosmology with particular spirituality "twists" and applications. All three women have distinct styles and different emphases, but they are all fine presenters. We are so fortunate to have such opportunities.

Regarding Hurricane Sandy: we, hopefully, will not receive a direct hit since it seems at this point to be continuing up the east coast, but we have already had two days of rain, with two or three more predicted. Oh, high winds, too. I always feel so bad when such weather hits at Halloween. Kids look forward to it all month...and then it rains. Maybe the worst will pass by Wednesday night. Sure hope so.

Here are some scenes from our chapel where Toni gave her presentations and we had some very special prayer times from our endlessly creative planners. Wish you had been here!

Mums and other autumn flowers filled the chapel, halls and entrance way.

The rainy weather seen from a window in the cloister hall walkway.

Our guests came prepared!