Monday, November 12, 2012


After a very busy week that kept right on going through Saturday, two delights that Sunday brought: the first, reading a new book by one of our sisters. Here's a teaser for you and a link to Benetvision. Very nice "stuff." You could substitute your own word for "Monk" in the title and your own experiences in the poems--I'm sure it wouldn't be hard at all.

New Book from Sister Mary Lou: Old Monk

"The poems in Old Monk are inspired by Han-shan, a 9th century Chinese poet and recluse, whose poems are collected in the classic book, Cold Mountain. For my morning spiritual practice, I read a poem from Cold Mountain, reflected on it, and then wrote my own poem and short commentary in response," said Sister Mary Lou of the new collection.

From Old Monk:
Old Monk has spent fifty years in the monastery.
She is left with a life of good deeds,
at least three friends to carry her casket
a bagful of poems
and a nagging ache
that she chose the wrong road
when she left father and mother
for some sake or other.

The second delight: a warm front came through this corner of northwestern Pa. this weekend bringing near 70 degree temperatures--a last goodbye till April I fear. But it was beautiful nonetheless. Afternoons and evenings outdoors without coats, collegians in shorts (of course) and kids playing everywhere.

Here are three bursts of color that we found on an afternoon walk around our place.