Thursday, November 29, 2012


I got a strong reaction to my mathematical diversion in Monday's blog from a friend who herself is a computer geek! Okay, okay, I told her, I won't do that again soon! She probably had to check it first to be sure I got it right--that's the way we math-types are--continually proving, proofing, double checking. It's a curse!

So today I am happy to report that the "in between" week is going along just fine in fact, as we head toward Advent's beginning. This Saturday we have a small community Advent reflection gathering before the Vigil of the First Sunday. A nice way to start.

Those who know that we, as a whole community, have a common reading during both Advent and Lent, always ask what we've chosen. This year we have copies of the Liturgical Press-produced Give Us This Day for the month of December. It gives the readings and prayers of both the Eucharistic liturgies and a short Liturgy of the Hours. It also has other prayers and wonderful reflections on "saints," most not well known. We will all be getting a subscription to it in 2013, so we wanted to introduce it to the sisters and, more importantly, enjoy a very good publication.

My new morning companion.