Thursday, November 22, 2012

Much gratitude

Our Sister Joan Chittister has a new book just released this week: The Art of Life. It is the 2011 Monastic Way, which is always valued by readers since it brings the monthly pamphlet into a more permanent edition.

Many of her annual Monastic Ways are in book form but what amazed me about this one is that the publishers, Twenty-Third Publications in Connecticut, spent the extra money to buy the rights to all the art work on which the year's reflections were based. I'm sure many of the readers will be surprised when they open the book and find it full of the full-color reproductions of the master works. It makes the book just beautiful and much more than written reflections.

Isn't this google doodle a beauty? From India.

If you haven't been on our community website almost daily this week you're missing many new posts. There has been a great deal of activity these days--WOW!