Thursday, November 8, 2012

Too busy

We're just too busy this week! Tuesday night many of us traveled the 35 or so miles south to Edinboro University to hear our Joan Chittister speak to a packed audience on the state of women in the world today. Much of it was based on her own travels and experiences over the last 10-15 years. It was a very serious talk, almost a university lecture. You could hear the proverbial pin drop--on the carpeted floor. Edinboro is inaugurating its first female president this week and is holding a week-long series of events in celebration.

Last night it was out and about again. Up to the annual Liturgy for Deceased Religious, Priests, Deacons and others. Our new bishop presided and we "took our music show on the road" so to speak. It's always a nice and well-attended event, but since the Sisters of Mercy Motherhouse is located 2-3 miles south of the lake, on the beginnings of the rise up and away from the flatter lake shore, we have had some horrendous November snowy nights at this event. Carrying 25 pound handbell cases is hard enough; in the ice and snow it's miserable. But not this year--or the last few even. Our early Novembers can be cold, but there hasn't been much snow lately; in fact the weekend is predicted high 60s. Imagine!

The Thanksgiving and Christmas cacti throughout the monastery don't seem to mind that there's no snow in sight. They react to the changing light and temperatures. Here's the first one to burst into bloom: Sister Colette's. We even used it as part of the chapel environment last Sunday. A couple of mine are just starting with buds and are sure to appear in upcoming posts!