Monday, November 19, 2012


This past Friday we had a unique and quite wonderful experience as we hosted the funeral service of one of our oblates--an interfaith, creative and memorable service at that.

This oblate, Cecile, was an artist, a devoted friend to many and diverse people, and a committed member of the groups and causes that she believed in. It seems that for her funeral all of the people and memories from her life came together--as the Erie art community, her family and friends, her Presbyterian, Methodist and Catholic communities rejoiced in her life and its effects on them.

Two of our liturgy planners met for nearly two hours with the ministers and family and came up with a beautiful service. We were so blessed to be exposed to such diversity and richness.

Deep purple flowers from the funeral.

Trying to capture our gigantic fireball sunsets these days. And at 5:00 pm to boot!

Don't miss the fun Smilebox of our annual dinner for our local volunteer firefighters unit. It's on our community site.