Thursday, December 27, 2012

Behind the scenes

When choosing photos to share here I usually choose ones that are in the public areas of the monastery, ones you'd see if you were here right now. Today, however, I chose ones that you would not see, here or not. These are all photos taken from little nooks and crannies in the residential areas of our sisters. Decorating goes on there, "behind the scenes," as much as in the common areas.

Hoping your Christmas week is going well and you had times of sharing with family and friends, either in person, via Skype or by phone.

As I'm sure you've seen on The Weather Channel, Erie was in the path of the storm that came northeast from the Gulf. When it reached us it arrived as snow--our first real storm. I think 5-8" are predicted, but with schools closed and many of us on abbreviated schedules this week, it couldn't come at better time--except for travelers, of course. It's suppose to clear out by mid-day the 27th. Let's hope.