Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Concert

We'll all be trooping out to North East (a little borough about 8 miles east of us) Friday night to attend the annual North East Choral Club Christmas Concert at Park United Methodist Church. One of our sisters has been a member of this choir for a number of years and we support her and the group by attending, en masse, this annual event. The church will be packed, as it always is, and the music of this all-female group will be very, very fine.

It has a small town touch every year, too--with the local high school choir often joining them for a number or a local trio of guys in Santa Claus hats playing along on a few songs. All are very good musicians and it is a favorite holiday event for all of us "locals."

This year however they'll be singing of an imaginary white Christmas in the midst of our still-green area. No snow even on the horizon, except for the occasionally predicted snow flurries.

Sweet memories:

This week in 2011--the library courtyard.

This week in 2010--the back patio.

This week in 2009--my window bird feeder.