Thursday, January 31, 2013

A 2 + B 2 = C 2

The last few months have found me doing a lot of tutoring. Specifically, sophomores trying to tackle Geometry. The very first year I taught school I had 5 classes of sophomores: two for Algebra II and three for Geometry. I remember it quite fondly, but I also remember that I was so naive that I never really knew that 10th graders are the challenge of the high school scene! And it continues today. The "sophomore experience" and fascination with right triangles are....well, let's say that they are on opposite sides of the interest spectrum when you are 15! But, I'm having fun trying to bridge the two and with 1 on 1 instead of a whole class with distractions of all kinds it does seem to be successful--I should say: somewhat successful!

Weather-mania continues in our town--in the other direction now. After surviving the 24" of snow that came last week, we were part of the heat wave that swept through the Midwest and East over the last two days. "Heat wave" for us in January was 57 degrees one day and 64 the next, but we'll take it. It's back to the grim and cold reality of January and February tomorrow.

Meanwhile, on the home front--literally--our dining room renovations continue. Everything is supposedly on far!