Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Never a dull moment" moment

This week is a "never a dull moment" moment, as we began on Monday the 12-week renovation of our Dining Room and Community Room space. The first thing the workmen did was build a temporary wall. They are working on one side and we are living, eating our meals at least, on the other side. This compresses our eating area into the Community Room--actually into about 1/2 of the Community Room for those of you who know our building.

I think it's an unexpected blessing that our first week of collegians are here right now. As with most teens/young adults, they are up for anything. Everything is a new adventure and they adjust as easily as they breathe. And so we are doing that, too.

Actually everyone is being extremely accommodating and the things we do by habit are changing rather smoothly and naturally into new habits for the next three months. Our maintenance "guys," the sister in charge of the physical plant, and the rest of the renovation committee have all done a great job of anticipating adaptations for a population of 60 residents, additional daytime staff members, and a dozen or so guests at any given time.

In case we get impatient, the college guests in March will surely help us loosen up!

Note our new ceiling lighting.

We even brought our Christmas table centerpieces!

And the salad bar.
We couldn't do without the salad bar.