Monday, January 7, 2013

Perfect timing

There couldn't have been more perfect timing for our first of three college service week visits this winter when six students and an adult leader from Canisius College in Buffalo arrived this weekend. This week is the beginning of our dining room and community room renovation and we welcomed seven young, strong volunteers to help us take down the Christmas tree, move some furniture into temporary storage in the basement and relocate our dining room into the community room. They took it all in stride, talking non-stop about the delicious dinner, their new adventures they're having and the promised chocolate brownie/cake that awaited us when we finished.

Unfortunately I don't have a ministry that lends itself to having volunteers, but I do try to interact with them in other ways. The first is as tour guide for a Sunday afternoon walk "around the back forty." We had a delightful hour-long walk, in new-fallen snow, through the woods to see the hermitages and then across East Lake Rd. into Glinodo and a long trek along Seven-Mile Creek down to our lakefront. We didn't come across any deer but we certainly saw their tracks everywhere. They were great sports and seemed to enjoy the physical activity after the early morning and long trip here. Watch for more upcoming reports on our week together.

Here are a couple shots I took along the creek path.
Beautiful snow scenes and the "gang" stopped on the trail!