Thursday, February 14, 2013

A week of newness

Don't miss our community website for a) our statement on Benedict XVI, b) a smilebox on our Prophet of Peace event, and c) a new opening meditation for Lent on the cross.

If you want to read still more about the retirement of a Pope, the NCR has got to be one of the best sources, if not the very best. Their #1 Vatican commentator, John Allen, lives most of the time in Rome itself and their team of reporters covered the last conclave in 2005 and know the Catholic world and the Vatican as well as anyone. I've gone there daily all this week.

And on the home front, we are in the process of moving into our renovated dining area. It's certainly not complete, but enough is ready so that we can eat there while the finishing touches are added over the next few weeks. Already we love it!

A view from the east looking down the length of it.

A view from the south side (windows)into the serving area which is at the west end, behind the large stained-glass window.

Today is the celebration of One Billion Rising, an international event to draw attention to and combat violence against women.