Monday, February 4, 2013

Geometry, continued

As a supplement to the geometry "meditation" I gave last week, here's something I would bring into class if I was still teaching. Snow quilts! Now this is what teaching geometry is all about!

Yes, the snows of winter continue in our area. We are getting 1-2" here, 2-3" there every day and, when you're indoors, it is just breathtaking. But, when you're trying to drive and negotiate the roads, can really be something.

A busy week ahead for us: Super Bowl party, in memory of Lenore Shaw, OSB, an unforgettable member/character who organized the party for years. Thursday is another community gathering and Saturday is our 2013 Prophet of Peace award in conjunction with the Vigil of St. Scholastica, foremother for all Benedictine women around the globe. Note that these all come right before Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day. Is it ok to celebrate Valentine's Day in Lent? Sure hope so!