Thursday, March 14, 2013

Francis arrived with spring snow

Every year when Lent starts we talk about its being a time of quiet and reflection; a time for stepping back from the busyness and "wildness" even of the other times of the year. Continuing right along in that vein, yet again this year, we now have a new Pope and will celebrate his (surprise) election Tuesday of next week, just days before Holy Week and in the midst of the Feasts of Patrick, Joseph and Benedict---which are also celebrated in a not-so-Lenten fashion!

Don't miss our community's website message on the election of our new Pope. And here is a beautiful rendition of the Prayer of St. Francis. It's not the hymn you're used to, but give it a chance. It's very nice.

Back on the daily of the home front: a little chickadee took cover in my bird feeder yesterday, looking out on a large-flake spring snow that was falling. The snow was spring-like but the temperatures sure weren't...brrrr...very cold!