Monday, March 11, 2013

Lent--Fourth Week

We have been (pleasantly) invaded by our second of four groups of collegians who will be spending a service week with us. This group is from the Columbus, Ohio area: Ohio Wesleyan University. I had the extremely pleasant responsibility of showing them our 120 acres, all the way down to the lake. What we could never have predicted was a freaky March day: warm, sunny and 67 degrees....Here are some of our visitors in their t-shirts--minus the jackets they started out with--at Lake Erie alongside the ice dunes that still line the shore. Wild and wonderful!

And, "back at the ranch," we moved back into the east end of the community room for the one week it will take to lay the carpet in the dining room. The end is very, very near.

Please, bless us,
who will gather around You, feeling so safe,
like baby birds that huddle
under the wings of their mother;
wings that feel so incomparably soft
from underneath,
although that mother-bird looks fierce
from the outside;
with sharp beak and watchful eyes,
ready to protect its little ones.

Inspired by 108 names of Nrisimhadeva
Devaki Katja Nagel

God Speaks in Many Tongues