Monday, April 29, 2013

Seven straight days

After the LCWR Regional meeting in Washington I came home to an all-day workshop, a planning meeting and then our spring community weekend. All were very good, but that was some busy set of days--none of which were actually at either of my offices.

The workshop was held at our Bayfront Convention Center which has the most beautiful setting you could imagine--right up against the waterfront on Presque Isle Bay. Here's the view from the meeting room--our Bicentennial Tower and a calm and peaceful bay, now that the storms of winter are long past.

After the weekend meetings, at which our excellent presenter had the awareness to mention the sunny and warm weather and encourage us to enjoy the outside over lunch and during breaks, we were able to get in a walk and here's what I saw:

One of our eastside gardens.

My favorite white hyacinth, though it looks a little ragged this year. Must have had a tough time in the spring rains and wind!

The first sunset of the season---a beauty.

In our new website feature "What Sisters are Reading" we are up to four books (Shantaram, The Vatican Diaries, No Ordinary Time and Consecrated Religious Life) with a fifth one to be posted tomorrow. I'm trying to have one ready every week or 10 days. So far the response from the "invitees" has been most encouraging. We are definitely a community of readers.