Monday, April 15, 2013

Special moments

All of our guests are asked to fill out a card when they leave. Besides the standard information there's one request for a comment: "Please use the back of this card to tell us how you heard about us..." Often the sister in charge of hospitality posts these comments on our main bulletin board so that we keep an awareness of our hospitality ministry. Here's one that went up this week:

How did we hear about you?
"Everyone" knows about you--
your prayerfulness,
your hospitality,
your commitment to
peace efforts...
It was a pleasure
to be part of it
for a few days.

"Everyone knows about you"--really? WOW! That's quite a statement to hear and then to be known for your prayer, hospitality and peace efforts---seems like a pretty good reputation to me.

On a similar note, this week is the one year anniversary of the death of one of our sisters who was just 63. This weekend her mother and sister drove 7 hours to come and visit her grave and the community. It was a touching experience, to witness again a mother's love and loss and yet her happiness in reliving her daughter's life, touching the memories and connecting to our community again. No one here either will soon forget the experience of her death, funeral, burial and presence of the family for all of it. Another meaningful (and that word doesn't seem to be even close) moment and memory.

And here's my new best friend again--same place, same time, different day!