Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weekend to weekend

Sometimes it feels like we live weekend to weekend. Not a very nice commentary on the every day, I guess but... This weekend we have a small retreat of a dozen women from Buffalo, some mother-daughter combos are included. They really "do" the retreat themselves, but join us for prayer, meals and just being here. Very nice indeed.

In that vein, the second of three similar retreats is coming up for 12-15 Methodist ministers. We really enjoyed having the first group here, I think it was January. When "like-minded" faith journeyers come it's so easy and natural to share the space.

Sister Linda and I were coming back to the monastery at noon this week and as we turned into our main entrance this is what we found in a tree right alongside the driveway. I think he may be the "bird food bandit" from my side of the house. Though I must admit he was very cute--and doesn't the foggy day we were having add to the photo? Great shot from Linda's phone!