Thursday, May 2, 2013

The bluebird of happiness

My Birds & Blooms magazine is a source of great temptation to me. Every issue entices me to either (a)buy 3-4 birdbaths and put them all around the Mount grounds as water sources for our birds or (b) dig up big plots of our grass and put in 8-9 more flower gardens or (c) retire so that I can do a) and b) full time, 24/7. Finally this spring I knew I had to indulge these temptations and decided to do just one thing: I bought a birdhouse for bluebirds.

After reading the directions meticulously ten or eleven times, I got a maintenance request through to put the house up, on a pole, away from trees, away from houses and other structures, our backyard. I honestly admit that I thought we had about a 10% chance of getting any dwellers this summer..BUT here it is May 1st and guess what? there is nesting material in the bluebird box and just tonight--one of the sisters saw two bluebirds in the backyard! We're ecstatic... well, I'm ecstatic and everyone else is just humoring me!

Here, also is a lovely flowering tree that burst out this week. It's in the library courtyard, perfectly framed by the windows of said library.

They say that this love of nature--flora and fauna--is common when you hit 50 or so. Lots of kids and young adults love nature, too, I'm sure, but honestly, when you live in such a beautiful setting as ours---how could you not help but love everything about it whether you're 15 or 50? And then, when the morning psalms praise the beauty of God's really is quite glorious.

I hope your part of the world is equally rich.