Monday, May 13, 2013

The City of God

Our presider at liturgy Sunday, Mike K., gave a very fine reflection on "the city of God" and cities in general. Both the first and second reading for this Sunday had a city mentioned rather significantly, he thought, and thus his ideas.

Here are two of his best: a definition of a city by his sociology teacher--"a city is a place where you can get a Chinese meal, at 3:00 o'clock in the morning, on a Tuesday."

And his own words, "A city is a place with two things: one, a lot of people; and two, a lot of different people."

And then he went on to remind us that we are all called to build the city of God and that everyone will be in that city. Excellent reflections--thanks Mike.

Also this weekend our Dayton girls finished their week here and headed either back to Dayton or directly home to begin their summer vacation. We enjoyed them very much; they were a special group. Hopefully some will come again another year, on another service trip to Erie.

Spring continues on, except that we are in a short (hopefully) cold spell. Due to end Tuesday...yeah!

The three crab apple trees that line our front driveway.

Photographed through a screen door, the bunny that has taken up residence in one of our gardens.