Monday, June 3, 2013

Corpus Christi---Texas?

This weekend we had our usual group of guests and another great Sunday liturgy. A dozen or two of the guests came via a Seasons of the Spirit retreat that had gorgeous weather for their time here. The other 30-40 additions to Sunday morning came from the SBA event that was held this weekend: 200 alumnae gathered for a summer luncheon with tours of their alma mater to follow. Then, on Sunday, they were invited here for Sunday liturgy and quite a number came. They are energetic, loyal and fun-loving women--still faithful to the school that closed 25 years ago this month. Amazing.

The liturgical calendar this Sunday brought the feast of Corpus Christi--the Body and Blood of Christ. Which made me wonder, If you took a random survey of 1,000 residents of Corpus Christi, Texas and asked them what the name of city means, how many would know? But, then again, how many of 1,000 people who live in Erie know that it is named for the Eriez Indians, a group of the Iroquois nation!

Here are two of the environment pieces from Corpus Christi Sunday: the first was moved onto the altar after liturgy and stayed there all day. Very nice. The three flower arrangements were scattered throughout the chapel and I caught them just before they were being taken other places. These little, seemingly small, yet eye-catching pieces in the chapel really add much to our liturgical experiences. Thanks always to our "environmental artists"!