Monday, June 10, 2013

Retreat week

Tonight we start our annual community retreat. This year, for our retreat director, we have a Trappist abbot, Paul Mark Schwan, OCSO, from the Abbey of New Clairveux in Vina, California, which is in the northern part of the state. You can visit their very nice website here.

The title of the retreat is: FOR WHAT HAVE YOU COME? THE RULE’S QUESTIONS. Paul Mark will give two group conferences a day. Their titles are:

The Art of the Question

Prologue 12, Mark 1:9-11

Prologue 15, Luke 19:1-10

Prologue 19, Mark 10:46-52

Prologue 23, John 6:66-69

RB 2:15, Luke 15:1-7

RB 60:3, John 20:11-16

RB 73:3, John 4:7-42

RB 73:8, Matthew 28:1-8

We are looking forward to the quiet, peaceful and prayerful time that this week always brings.

But, in the midst of everything, as always, life goes on and here is the first of our 2013 new family members--right on time to sample our salt lick which I picked up Saturday and put in its usual place in our apple orchard.

Photo: Patricia Hause, OSB, administrator of Benetwood Apartments. Taken right outside her windows there a couple days ago.

PS. If you've read Where the Wilds Things Are to a child, or just heard about it, don't miss today's Google logo--a tribute to the author.