Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend snapshots

As we wind up our annual retreat and get ready to "head back to reality" Monday morning, here's a little snapshot of some of the things you'd see or hear about if you were with us this weekend.

1) At the end of retreat Saturday afternoon we had a community picture taken, our first since 2006. Ninety-five of us were able to be present and the other four, through the magic of photoshop, will be "placed" into the final print.

2) We continue to be Wild Kingdom East as the fawn I've mentioned made its first appearance in our backyard right after morning liturgy Sunday for all sisters and guests who were in the dining room to see; wonderful experience. Additionally, two of our oblates, who live right down the road, reported seeing a baby killdeer and baby woodpecker Saturday--their first sightings ever. And here is a pigeon that has taken up temporary residence in our gardens for the last few weeks. This is a picture from google images and although it might not be exactly this type, it's pretty close--very pretty: all black with wings that are white when in flight. In the evening it makes that low cooing sound.

3) At noontime this Father's Day the father of one of our sisters passed away. He was well into his late 90s. She had faithfully been by his side daily during the last few weeks as his death approached. Accompanying your Dad into heaven on Father's Day--not a bad present!

4) And on a very sober note, in the middle of retreat we read in our local paper that a young man had been killed outside of a bar in the early morning hours in the city. His will be our first Take Back the Site for Nonviolence Prayer Vigil of 2013.