Thursday, July 25, 2013

Off to the Shore

A week's vacation begins today, "down the shore," as the Philly/New Jersey folks say. So, I'll be posting about shore life for a couple days. We came here via a stop in Greensburg, PA for a pre-assembly regional gathering of about 25 LCWR members from western Pennsylvania. It was a good meeting, just getting thoughts and ideas ready for the national LCWR assembly in mid-August.

Regarding LCWR (The Leadership Conference of Women Religious): for their summer shows 60 Minutes reruns favorite programs from the past year and this Sunday, July 28 their coverage of the LCWR's doctrinal assessment from the office of the Vatican, will be on again. You might want to catch it if you want to see their take on it. The full coverage, and probably a little more accurate, can be found on the National Catholic Reporter's site with articles dating back over a year.