Monday, July 1, 2013

Too much water

Erie has had a very wet June--at least twice the amount of rain than the average. A couple weeks ago we experienced its effects, as our library courtyard (the area between the residence wings) flooded again, but this time water backed up and came right through the foundation into our Garden Room and adjacent offices. We have known there was a drainage problem for quite awhile, but this brought it to center stage, so to speak. Adaptations took place inside right away and outside some preliminary digging disclosed broken pipes, pipes filled with 40 years of debris and silt and a drainage system that just wasn't taking away the water from the courtyard, including what was coming down the pipes and gutters from the roofs.

Here is a photo journal of what's going in now that will remedy the situation, we hope forever: a new drainage system with pipes and pumps and drains that will send the water out to the east, well away from the building's foundation.

Click on photo to enlarge.

New pipes are being set in.

Two pumps are temporary help.

The company is doing a great job carefully removing bushes and plants that will be replanted after the work is done.

Part of the trench that is being dug on the south side of the yard.

Our beautiful gardens are temporarily a "work zone."

The view from St. Scholastica's statue last Wednesday.

The same view after some large trees were removed because their roots were destroying the system.