Thursday, July 4, 2013

Week of the Fourth

Tuesday we attended the first Take Back the Site prayer vigil for 2013. It took place outside of a tavern where a young (24) man was killed in the early hours of the morning a couple weeks ago--following an argument. Ironically, it was a beautiful summer afternoon with about 125 people squeezed into this little park-like area next door to the bar. Very sad, as they all have been.

The "beautiful summer afternoon" experience isn't lasting long around these parts. Just when we ventured out to our first Wednesday night concert at Beach One at Presque Isle State Park, the rain-bearing clouds passed over about an hour into the event and scattered most of the crowd. We stuck it out for about 1/2 hour after they passed, but then packed it in when the second wave of rain hit. We had a good time though. Being caught in a warm summer rain can be fun! Our weather forecasts are filled with the words "scattered," "isolated," and "intermittent" these days. All references are to precipitation.

We've been without fireworks in our area for a couple years, but this July 4th, as part of our yearlong Perry 200 celebration, there will be fireworks all around the city. Let's hope that night is a little less "scattered" than Wednesday night was!

Our first round of roses is nearly gone. We'll see them again in August, I believe. Very full and pretty this year. Which is a statement true of all our foliage and flowers. Green and lush and full!