Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend variety

A four-day weekend of sorts brought a great variety of events and visitors to the Mount. Primary among them was the cello-piano husband and wife "Duo Polaris" from Calgary, Canada. Wonderful concert in the Mount chapel.

Other more "annual events" included the opening of the orange tiger lilies that are featured everywhere this week. A 10-mile drive east along Rte 5 brings a different setting of them in every yard and field it seems. One is more beautiful than the other.

I spent an afternoon at the Barcelona, NY lighthouse/marina and caught these four little girls and their father walking about the grounds, too. Maybe Mennonite, I'm not sure, but these girls were so cute in their long gingham dresses.

And finally: my camera has a fireworks setting so I thought I'd try it for our North East Mercyhurst campus fireworks last Thursday. Obviously it takes lots of practice but in the meantime, what a variety of images captured. Here are just three.