Thursday, August 22, 2013

Presque Isle Bay in August

Once again we found ourselves at our annual night of sailing on Presque Isle Bay. This year 28 sisters, 15 of us, 3-4 Mercys and 6-7 Josephs enjoyed two hours of perfect sailing courtesy of Bill Bloomstine, his son and three grandsons. Warm temperature, clear and calm waters, enough wind to keep the sails going: heaven--no kidding, just heaven!

Sisters Mary Daniel, Ann, Carolann,  Cecilia, Anne, Therese and Jean join Sisters of St. Joseph in the "sitting area."

Sisters Michelle, Ann, Charles Marie and Cindy on the starboard side.

Sister Anne with Sean and Dr. Mark Bloomstine.

One of our famous Erie sunsets, this time from on the water!

If you haven't been to the main page of our community website recently, you're missing some fun Smileboxes of our August Community Days two weeks ago. Great pictoral summary of our annual time together. Ditto for 2-3 new books on the What Sisters Are Reading page.