Monday, August 26, 2013

Trees and wooden amphitheaters

Beautiful weather is gracing us here in northwest Pennsylvania, 80s almost everyday. Our crab apple trees are heavy with the branches bent over--almost touching the ground. When I see them I am tempted, just tempted for a few minutes to consider following in the "cooking steps" of past sisters who made crab apple jelly from these very trees. But, I fight these temptations off mightily as I remember well their stories of hours and hours getting the pits out before they even really started. And they were retired! I'd be at it for 6 weeks of late nights if I "took the plunge." So I fight the good fight every day as I pass them along our front drive going to and from work.

Last week we finally got over to the Chautauqua (sha-tau'-qua)Institution located about 30 miles east of here in western New York State. We saw one of its last shows of the summer season. The group was The Tenors, a quartet of Canadian young men with tremendous voices. Here they are singing their #1 hit with fellow Canadian Celine Dion.

And here is a picture I took from our seats in the outdoor amphitheater which is due for a renovation soon.