Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cozy Mysteries

Here is the newest display in our library, put out by our wonderful librarians to entice us into checking out their latest find. These are part of the Grace Chapel Inn Series, a group of Christian-based stories by different authors all centering around three sisters in Pennsylvania who run a B&B and the stories that unfold therein.

Seeing this display reminded me of the "cozy mysteries" that my mother read over the last 15 years of her life. Cozy mysteries, a term I didn't know until I tried to describe her favorites to a librarian to whom I was asking advice, "Oh, you want cozy mysteries," he exclaimed....and into a new mystery genre I fell.

Cozy mysteries don't usually involve a lot of gory details or explicit sex. They are often set in a little village or town with characters that could be your neighbors. All in all, the story appears to be like everyday life, except, of course, there is a murder involved soon enough.

So, what did I find lately? a cozy mystery website that is amazing! First of all it's huge....lists and lists of authors and series and books. From there it adds TV shows, movies, all the major annual mystery award nominees and winners and more. So if you're into mysteries, cozy or not, you'll love browsing here.