Monday, September 30, 2013

Nooks and Crannies #1

I've been wanting to start a new little series but just couldn't find the right subject, but now I think I have. So whether it lasts weeks or just a few days, here's #1 of my new series (monastic) nooks and crannies.

According to a consulted dictionary, a nook is a corner and a cranny is a crack. Eric Partridge's "Origins" (4th ed) suggests the origin of nook is Middle English nok which is also akin to the semantic group that gives us neck.

The same source suggests cranny is the diminutive of the Old French cran, meaning notch. All this suggests a cranny is more of a small notch than a crack.

If you've visited our place you may have seen this first nook and cranny or, as I would bank more on, you've walked right by it but haven't really seen it. It's tucked away in the corner of a stairway landing, next to a door leading out to our memory garden area. It has good enough light and a steady temperature in both summer and winter to make it an ideal place for keeping many plants healthy and ready for use, especially for the environment in chapel. It is a unique corner, almost a crack in the stairwell.

Our jubilee weekend was wonderful--guests and families all over the place but everyone seemed to be happy and to enjoy themselves tremendously. The weather cooperated miraculously, too. Here's a "cute" look at our six 2013 Jubilarians.