Monday, September 9, 2013

Onto the next century

The end of the Perry 200 celebration concluded Sunday night with a rousing send off as the Erie Philharmonic Orchestra put on an all-American concert in Liberty Park, located right on the shores of Presque Isle Bay. Across the bay on the Peninsula the Jr. Phil. played at the Perry Monument. Both places had large crowds of residents and out-of-town guests on a beautiful late summer evening to witness the return of a light at the top of the monument, view the Niagara in full sail on the bay and witness canon fire during the "1812 Overture" and a finale fireworks display at the end. Thousands packed Liberty Park and we were among them--such fun.

Here are some views I caught while the sun was still with us. See the Erie Times News for their story of the event.

On the ride home we passed the Brig Niagara, sails down, quietly berthed in its home behind our library/Maritime Museum. Tomorrow it heads out for the trip west to Put-in-Bay, Ohio for their own final Perry 200 event: the reenactment of the Battle of Lake Erie on the actual day September 10.