Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sports fever

We're suffering from a little fever these days--sports fever that is.

Our Erie Seawolves (AA Farm team of the Detroit Tigers) had a great season. They were in the league's semi-finals for the championship, lost to the eventual winners, but had their best season in ages.

Our local high school and college teams have started up and there are always sisters who have great-nieces and nephews who are playing football, volleyball, golf or running cross country at this time of year. We follow the local teams enthusiastically.

And then there are "the big boys" the MLB and NFL and NCAA. One of our sisters was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana so is an honest-to-goodness hometown Notre Dame football fan. But, a number of sisters got their own advanced degrees there or have relatives who are alum (my uncles for instance). And there are other NCAA school alum and connections, so there are plenty of fans gathered around college games. Penn State is a big favorite here, too.

Here is a photo of three great fans. Sister Marlene (left) was born on the other side of the Ohio River from Cincinnati and has never given up on the Cincinnati Reds, even during their lean years! She is next to transplanted-Erieite Brady Louis, also a native of Cincy. Together they keep the Reds spirit alive in town! This year their team is having a good year and may just make the playoffs in late September.

Our prioress, Anne, is one of our Philadelphia girls and that means Eagle and Phillies territory. WOW--are those people wild for their teams! If you caught the first Eagles game Monday night you saw why: new coach, new offense, new excitement and...a WIN!