Monday, September 16, 2013


Two surprises this weekend to note:

The first is this--a surprise sunset at our lake. We often go for early evening walks, but seldom precede them with, "Let's go see the sunset." We're going to be outside after a day wrestling with office work. But this night we got one--made sweeter perhaps because it was unexpected but not unappreciated.

The second one, again, unexpected. We went to the first anniversary of the Poetry Park on E. 22nd Street to be supportive, to be outside on a cool but clear Sunday afternoon, to mingle with the crowd and just to be out and about. What we didn't expect was to meet Sara. Sara Ries--a talented and delightful young (late 20s?) poet from Buffalo, asked to be one of the two invited guests at the poetry reading part of the celebration. She read from her book Come In, We're Open, reflections on her life as the daughter of owners of a small diner outside of Buffalo. What a treat! Here's an excerpt from one, "Diner Love":

First customers. A young couple
pushes the glass of the door.
I agree with them: it is no time for handles.
My father would disagree. I leave their handprints.
Soon they will be layered with others.
Last call was less than an hour ago and they smell like bar.
They laugh their way to the same side of a booth.
He pulls a twig from her hair; she kisses his hand.