Monday, October 28, 2013

Almost a monastic haunt

The #1 Halloween occurrence in our city is Zoo Boo, a month-long evening pre-Halloween event held at the Erie Zoo. Every child I know goes to Zoo Boo as a yearly October ritual. But close behind is the Mason Farms Pumpkin world or whatever its official name is! It's a huge farmers market that is transformed for the month of October into a Halloween/harvest world, enjoyed by adults as well as children. And, in that vein you might very well find Erie Benedictines there, with or without a gaggle of children enjoying the outing.

We made a quick stop there this weekend just to enjoy the decorations and see some of the sights. Fun! Trick or treating will be enjoyed this Thursday between 6:00-8:000 pm in the city and most surrounding townships. Hope the weather holds.