Thursday, October 3, 2013

Little Free Libraries

The Little Free Libraries were started by Gannon University last year. You may have read about one that was recently put up on E. 22nd Street near the Poetry Park. (Our website, second page: September 12) For quite awhile there has been one in front of 345 East 9th Street where I go to work every morning. I see books in it, but never anyone there (granted it's 7:45 am!). Until yesterday. This fellow was standing up over a small bike he was riding, cigarette dangling from one hand, as he sifted through the books with the other. I passed by and then turned quickly and took this photo as I entered the front door.

I'd say that this is exactly the reason these little "libraries in a box" are being put in neighborhoods all around the city. Thanks Gannon.

Here's an article just put up on the Huff Post site by our Joan C: "The Seven Blessings that come with Aging."