Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nooks and Crannies #2

I'm reading Dan Brown's latest, Inferno, and like his blockbuster The DaVinci Code and the followup, Angels and Demons, this is set in a great European city, Venice, with Robert Langston and a female companion on an adventure to right a wrong and save the world using his knowledge of symbols and history.

Same formula in many ways, but a new look for me of a city I'd just love to visit now. In all of the churches, museums and building that form the locales in these books there are hidden passages, little-known stairways and thousands of hiding places, both for people and valuable things. So, in the Dan Brown tradition, I think this is an apropos Nooks and Crannies #2, a semi-hidden stairway in our place.

I lived here almost a year before I even knew it existed! It isn't really in a direct line of sight, nor is it a primary route, or even a secondary route, between the first floor and the ground level--just a private and very quick non-peopled thoroughfare from the library downstairs.