Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nooks and Crannies #5

Facing the Mount from East Lake Road it's easy to miss a small entrance at the far east end that leads to a recessed "nook." The only people who ever use it are the sisters who live at that end of the north hall and some employees who work at that end on the second floor.

Right inside there is a little foyer with these relics from our St. Benedict Academy--both the original building on East 9th Street and the newer one (1954) on East 10th. When additions were added to the east end of both wings of the Mount in the late 80s these pieces of SBA history were built right in. Very nice memories, though only a few lucky ones see it regularly.

The original "signage" from 1870.

Print of St. Benedict's Convent and St. Mary's Church

Symbols from six disciplines, still visible at the front entrance of SBEC.