Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sunday's Show

If you live in the Erie area or within cable TV distance I think you'd enjoy the show that WICU NBC channel 12 is going to air this Sunday, October 20 at 12:30 pm (right before the Sunday football games!) It's "Women and Spirit" the story of Catholic sisters in the USA. It's very, very good and so informative. We all admit that we, ourselves, learned much from this history that we did not know, especially from Orders other than our own. If you do catch it, let WICU know you watched and thank them for the airing. (

Here's our beautiful Seven-Mile Creek on one of these early autumn afternoons. When the sun's out the scenery is stunning, when it's dull and rainy it can be a bit miserable. We're having a combination most weeks.

For the sports buffs: since the baseball playoffs linger all the way through October nowadays it's difficult to keep up interest, but our Erie Seawolves are a AA farm team of the Detroit Tigers who are one of the two American League teams vying for a place in the World Series. Quite a number of the current players played right here in Erie during their minor league days.