Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nooks and Crannies #10 and Mary

Even though it's Thanksgiving you readers are so wild about Nooks and Crannies that I went ahead and found one for today. But I'm also including a reflection from my favorite poet, Mary Oliver.

I went down to our ground floor where we keep personal supplies to pick up something like Kleenex and in the process thought I'd keep my eye out for nooks and crannies--a basement would seem to be full of them. Here is the entrance into the hall that keeps supplies--in those cabinets on the right.

I was just looking around a little and this is what I found--in three little plastic cups, balanced on some extra shelving for the cabinets--someone's private "stash" of wine bottle corks from some of our celebrations!

Now, if you know anything about group living you know that everyone, just everyone, has to find places for their private treasures. It just isn't safe to save something and keep it where there would be public access! No, not thievery, just "borrowing" and forgetting to return. So, it is very true that we all have places in which we stow away special things that we don't want to lose.

This is all preface to the huge grin and laugh that came over me when I saw the corks! Who in the world put these here? Do they remember? And do they still want them? Should I ask around? Should I bring them out and just see if they'll be "picked up"? So many decisions in the course of a day.

On another note, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. May you have as many things to be thankkful for as I do!

"Three Things to Remember"
Mary Oliver

As long as you're dancing, you can
break the rules.
Sometimes breaking the rules is just
extending the rules.

Sometimes there are no rules.