Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nooks and Crannies #7

So many sisters have suggested this nook and cranny that I had to put it in, by popular demand.

Here's what I can piece together: in the 1980s a large number of young women entered the community--none right out of high school. I surmise that it was a bit of a rockin' place then, so in time they "discovered" a hidden area where they could go to "escape." Some admit to smoking occasionally (they were to quit in order to enter the community); Others tell of playing cards and still others talk about having "parties." I suspect the parties were mostly eating events with "forbidden" foods like pizza and McDonald's fries brought in. Anyway, this hiding place is a true nook and here it is today (the area under the chapel!).

Now, in an effort toward full disclosure I want you to know that a 60-year-old while exploring says, "What if the door closes and locks behind me? What if the ceiling starts to fall down right now? What if I trip and sprain my ankle, who will find me?" So sad; where are those carefree times of the 30-year-old, when we entered shouting, "Give me a light, will you? Who brought the pizza and beer? Anyone want to play rummy?"

Our first snow of the season--November 11, 2013.

PS. Since many of you readers may not be 30 I'm happy to appease your worrying and let you know that the door did not lock, the ceiling did not come down and I did not trip, fall and sprain an ankle getting these photos---so there!