Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nooks and Crannies #8 and #9

There is a room in each of the four corners of our chapel. The smallest holds the equipment for our audio system. Across from it is one that's just a little larger--within it you'd find an assortment of small percussion instruments, lots of music binders and cupboards that store all the numbers and letters for the two hymnal boards.

The two largest hold many diverse things. The lesser known one has four or five stacks of extra chairs that we use whenever the congregation is over 200. It also has a 4-drawer file of hymn copies and accompaniments. Some material for our handbells is in there, as are more musical instruments and a floor-to-ceiling metal shelving unit on which are boxes of prayer folders for all the special feast days in the liturgical year.

The most used of the four rooms is the main sacristy. Here is the view as you open the door. There are vestments for the priest, cupboards of liturgical gowns, candles, incense, a sink and drawers and drawers of things needed for "church work" as it was commonly called.

Invisible from the door and from many other parts of the room are two nooks. One is just a little indentation in the room and the other is simply the space between two huge cupboard units. Both are well used, however, as all little spaces often are. (Can you see the little mouse trap?!)