Monday, November 4, 2013

The Art of Looking

I'm reading a chapter in a book about seeing, "The Art of Looking." In that vein I offer some things I saw differently over the last few days.

On a ride around our peninsula we spotted this duck blind set almost in the bay at the end of a rarely traveled road.

This pond was so still I thought the reflection would be almost perfect and I think it is.

One day the morning sky was so eerie that it looked like our city was surrounded by mountains. This shot was taken from our fourth floor windows in town. In reality the clouds were almost totally black.

Here is everyone's favorite tree, which I now know is a larch. Wispy, lovely and the last to lose its fern-like leaves each year. Just beautiful and right outside our dining room windows for all to see.

This is my best "new sighting." As I passed this weather-worn birdhouse at our side door,  I thought I saw some etching or carving on it and sure enough, when I got closer, there was a little bird and some flowers. What I didn't expect was the engraved metal piece right underneath. It says, "In loving memory of Sr. Mary Helen Maher." Sister Mary Helen died about 17 years ago in a car crash, along with her mother, sister and brother-in-law. 

If you missed the video of the little boy and Pope Francis that went viral on the internet last week you can see it here on YouTube. It's delightful!