Monday, December 23, 2013

Vacation time

I'm presuming many of you have some vacation time this next week. If so, here are a couple links you may find as enjoyable as I did. The first is from Delta Airlines, which flies one of its small jets between Erie and Detroit. Many of us take it as a starting off point to larger airports. Enjoy their holiday greeting here.

And on the Google Doodles page here the 100th anniversary of the crossword puzzle is commemorated on December 21 with a crossword as part of the doodle. Fun. A more web-type game was on November 23 celebrating the movie classic Dr. Who. In this you must move one of the "guys" along paths and then back to entering the famous Dr. Who phone booth--all the time avoiding running into the robot. Again, fun, in a kind of an old Pac-Man manner.

If you have a favorite game you play online, I'd enjoy knowing. Mine are Poppit on the pogo website and Civiballs which is perfect for my old physics teaching. You try to make the green balls roll or fall into the green urn and red balls roll, fall or catapult into the red urn. Extremely clever set ups of ramps, levers and even floating hot air balloons.

Our house was decorated to the hilt this weekend:

That's our novice, Pat, on the ladder!