Thursday, December 19, 2013

We're Number 1

Mary--encased in our weekend snowfall

Our newspaper, the Erie Times News, which I normally like very much, has begun to run this little weather feature that some sun bunny, who probably lives in Florida or Arizona, must have dreamed up: The Snow Bowl. It's a weekly listing of the top ten cities in the U.S. that have had the most snow so far this winter.

It was shocking enough last year to see us ahead of places like Juneau, Alaska but this week we reached #1---already. Here's the list as of Sunday, December 15.

Snowiest spots in the U.S., through Sunday:
1. Erie: 41.9 ".
2. Rochester: 28.3 "
3. Buffalo: 26.6 "
4. Syracuse: 26.3 "
5. Anchorage: 25.1 "
6. Billings: 23.6 "
7. Binghamton: 21.8 "
8. Grand Rapids: 21.3 "
9. Akron/Canton: 18.5 "
10. Pittsburgh: 17.4 "

It's turned into something akin to a sporting event and I'll bet in our bars and restaurants the locals are actually "bragging" that we've already made it to the top! We've become the Alabama or Florida State of snowfall---geeesh!

We have had 30" in December---most of it last weekend. Luckily schools were closed (and called off Monday, too) and businesses were closed--except for retailers who surely took a terrible hit (except for their online orders).

It came down and down and down. No matter how much you shoveled or cleared off your car, 12 hours later it was all there again.

Now, less you think I don't like it, I really don't mind it too much, only the driving is tough. All by itself, on trees, grass, bushes and ski slopes it is truly beautiful, just beautiful. And kids have a wonderful time on the hills at Frontier Park and behind Wilson School. I just don't want to rank #1.

A red-tailed hawk on our 4th floor fire escape.
Correctly identified by my friend, Sr. Mary Audubon.