Monday, January 27, 2014

At home weekend

Another at home weekend as the snow that affected many cities of the northern U.S. missed us, but the low temperatures did not. One of our oblates gave us the DVD of the movie The Butler as a late Christmas present and many sisters enjoyed it this weekend as both a Saturday and Sunday showing was organized.

Another sister saved her Christmas present to everyone for this Sunday evening. It was one of our favorites: an ice cream bar with 10-12 varieties to choose from! Great fun.

And third: our 12th Annual Lenore Shaw Memorial Super Bowl Pool was available for sign ups, too. Lenore Shaw was a real treasure--unique in kindness, humor and overall goodness. She exemplified a chapter in the Rule of Benedict that states that a person can enter and leave the community up to three times--Lenore entered twice in the late 1940s as a young woman and then, after 25+ years, came back for good in 1978. One of her many contributions was engineering fun events such as those around the Super Bowl--thus our annual remembrance.

See? You have to make your own indoor fun when you live through winters such as this one.

And finally, students from Canisius College in Buffalo came, with their directors, for a retreat weekend Friday through Sunday. They came to all of our prayer and meals. Very enjoyable young people! Glad they found us--with our 15 guest rooms the monastery is perfect for such events.

Another 7:00 a.m. shot of a morning moon in the north sky.