Thursday, January 23, 2014

Courtesy of Youtube

One of our hermitage visitors last January took this little virtual tour of his stay here and posted it on youtube! It's really quite good, I think, and very true to life even though there is no golfing in January usually! Enjoy.

Yes, even we Benedictines have a Francis shrine on the property!
 This one is in the picnic area of Benetwood Apartments.

And now for today's weather report...which is the #1, #2 and #3 topics of discussion not only in Erie, I'm sure, but all over the country from what I see on The Weather Channel. Winter Storm Janus, that you probably have been watching this week as it wrecked havoc up the east coast, missed us entirely. This is not unusual--we get the Canadian stuff far more often than we get things that come up from the Gulf or across the southern midwest. However, we do have the cold temps that just about everyone has....25 in Atlanta? WOW!

In a time of distrust and fear not only in our big cities but also throughout suburbia and rural areas, it was a touching bit of hope to see numerous big-city mayors urging their citizens to "check on your neighbors" during these especially cold winter days. Kindness and goodness live on--they just don't get the (unfortunately dramatic) headlines.