Thursday, January 16, 2014

This Week

On Tuesday morning on the way into town we witnessed the most stunning sky as part of the sunrise. We didn't stop to take a picture of it but as soon as I got to my desk I ran to the end of the hall (which has a window that faces east) and managed to take this one. It doesn't capture exactly what we had seen 10 minutes earlier, but it's close.

The twin domes are on St. Stanislaus Church on East 12th St.

If you come directly to this site and not through our community's webpage, you should go to it and see a number of new entries right on the front page--especially the Winter scenes slide show. It gives the beautiful side of our snowy days.

Also, you might enjoy The 3rd Shriver Report that focused on women and the economy, particularly on the working poor and the underpaid. Our Joan Chittister was one of the first speakers Wednesday the 15th and the website says the program, which was live-streamed, will be available soon. Try here.